Basic Tips for an Enjoyable and Effective Indoor Spinning Workout

Published: 20th October 2010
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Indoor spinning began in 1989, and it has continued to be among the most famous gym exercise classes. The popularity of indoor cycling can be attributed to the fact that it does not require a person to be especially skilled, and that spinning for around 45 minutes can actually burn at least 500 calories.

As an exercise routine, indoor spinning makes use of a specially designed stationary bike. In comparison to other indoor equipment like Stairmasters or treadmills, indoor cycling depends on your heart rate to determine how intense the workout should be. Spinning, in general, is an excellent form of exercise that includes various sitting and standing positions.

Indoor spinning involves various types of riding, such as that on plains and hills. This is possible through the higher or lower resistance of the indoor bike. It is not only a cardiovascular exercise, but also one that strengthens the lower body and boosts endurance.
In order to maximize the benefits of indoor spinning as an aerobic activity, here are some techniques and training tips that you can follow.


The clothes you wear during your workout can pretty much affect the way you will perform, so it is necessary that you wear some comfortable clothing when spinning. Tight fitting clothes are preferred to prevent the clothing from being caught up in the pedals or gears of the bike. It should also be noted that heavy clothing can make you sweat too much and too fast, which can lead to dehydration and passing out. Tie up your long hair and always wear cycling shoes and socks.


Make sure that you have your towel and a bottle of water when you go to your indoor spinning class. Your towel of course is for wiping sweat from your face, but aside from that, you can also use it as a stretching aid for your stretching sessions after spinning.

Saddle Soreness

For beginners in spinning, saddle soreness is very common, basically due to long periods of sitting on the bike seat. While you cannot avoid saddle soreness, you can lessen it by using some padded shorts or a cover seat for the bike. And also, as your body gets used to sitting on the bike, you can expect less saddle soreness.


It takes huge amounts of energy to do indoor spinning. It is for this reason that you are recommended to eat a healthy meal or snacks at least an hour before your spinning class. It will certainly help you sustain your energy to last the whole class. The best snacks that you can have are those with high levels of carbohydrates, like Power-bars. You should do the same after the class.


Just like other intense workouts, it is necessary that you do some stretching before and after spinning, so that you can maximize the benefits of the workout. And more importantly, you will not be likely to suffer an injury, such as a pulled muscle during the exercise. Ten minutes of stretching before and after spinning is recommended.

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